HD Content and Live TV                       

Least cost delivery of high definition pre-positioned content, live linear TV programming along with traditional internet access for browsing, email and OTT applications. Auton aggregates and arbitrates the available capacity from a plurality of networks including LTE, WiFi, UHF Broadcast and satellite. The result is superior coverage, throughput and ultra low cost.

Automatic Software Updates  

Auton’s automated, over-the-air update service offers a level of security previously only available to the government and military.  Automakers can remain connected to their cars enabling them to securely update critical firmware and software in addition to mapping and navigation infotainment.

OBD Code Retrieval                  

Usage-based insurance (UBI) requires access to the vehicle ODB port for diagnostics and error code logging. Auton’s UBI data service provides insurance companies with secure access to the vehicle OBD port whether the vehicle is at home, in urban and suburban settings and even in the most remote locations that cellular does not reach.


Emergency 911 service on a global scale. Air bag inflation results in a short burst over a  satellite constellation to alert first responders with the vehicle type and location. Voice service is also provided with global coverage .