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Robert Foster - CEO

Bob Foster has been a pioneer, engineering executive and entrepreneur in wireless systems and technology for over three decades. He was co-founder and CTO of Wavtrace, the first company to develop and deploy time division duplex (TDD) in broadband access systems in the 10 to 40 GHz bands.  After Wavtrace was acquired by Harris (HRS) in 2000, he continued as Chief Scientist where he directed the regulatory and standards team that founded WiMax and successfully lobbied ETSI and the IEEE to include TDD in millimeter wave access standards worldwide. He has worked for Motorola and Boeing. More recently he was SVP of Engineering at Kymeta, a maker of metamaterials-based scanning antennas. He has developed technologies and products ranging from consumer handsets to large scale systems and holds numerous patents.

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Panos Lekkas - CTO

Panos is a communications security and microelectronics expert, respected technical author and inventor. His diversified, hands-on experience spans more than three decades in advanced technology development. As SVP Advanced Systems, he led Kymeta’s efforts in developing the computational intelligence behind its metamaterials antenna.  He has worked all over the world with IBM, including leading early CPU architecture work for what became one of IBM’s super-computer lines. He led the design of multiple custom VLSI superchips involving DSP and 512-bit wide VLIW processors and is the author for McGraw-Hill of “Wireless Security”, whose foreword was written by USN Admiral (Ret.) Michael “Mike” McConnell, who was Director of NSA during the 1990’s. He is fluent in nine written and spoken foreign languages (Asian and European).

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Vern Fotheringham - Chairman

Vern Fotheringham has dedicated his professional career to bringing the benefits of true broadband communication services to the global population. He continues to be a catalyst for change and progress in driving this evolution forward. He has specialized in early-stage company development and maturation through the IPO and M&A stages. He is a proven steward of investment capital who is focused on protecting the interests of all stakeholders. Mr. Fotheringham has been a serial entrepreneur in telecommunications, serving as a founder, CEO, Chairman or board member of eighteen innovative telecommunications companies, including: Norcom Networks, Digital Satellite Broadcasting Corp, Advanced Radio Telecom, Bazillion, Broadstorm, Terabeam, Adaptix, Mead Instruments, Castanet, Kymeta, and V-Satcast.